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Flu Season

Flu Season ~ Protect yourself and your family!   

This year, navigating the flu and COVID-19 will be challenging. Therefore, it is the goal of the Public Health Department to have 70% of the population vaccinated against the flu. (Last year 40% of population was vaccinated). Be part of the fight to keep your family and community healthy by choosing to get the flu vaccine. Although you are encouraged to be vaccinated by the end of October, it is not too late anytime during the season.


The CDC is recommending that everyone over the age of 6 months receive their flu vaccine by the end of October. The vaccine targets four of the most common strains of the flu virus expected for the season. Mild side effects like soreness and redness at the injection site and mild fever may occur but you cannot get the flu from the vaccine. 


Visit for other valuable information about the flu and the flu vaccine along with a flu vaccine locator tool.


Along with getting a flu vaccine, please continue these healthy practices:

* Wash your hands frequently

* Keep 6 feet apart

* Wear a mask

* Avoid touching your face

* Stay home if you are ill